• Parental leave preparation
  • passive smilers
  • active explorers
  • Toddlers and preschoolers
  • School children
  • Teenagers
  • Divorces, loss & life changing events

Talks are designed to provide information related to parenting to those who wish to improve their children sleep or prevent issues from creeping in. Talks can be delivered as part of a themed event day, or as a standalone informative session for employees, usually over lunch breaks.  Each talk targets a specific age range or situation to ensure that delegates leave with an in-depth understanding of the key elements to concentrate on to support their children’s sleep and behaviour.  These talks are warmly welcomed by new and experienced parents and show a great deal of care and support from employers. Talks include a Q&A time at the end.

To enquire about sleep talks for your employees, contact  Isabelle Edmondson

Isabelle Edmondson +447888204374