Tailored help for your child's sleep

The content of private consultations are tailored  to your specific needs and concerns. Each consultation is held in the comfort of your own home as it is the best way to observe your family dynamics and learn about your strengths and difficulties. Consultations can be heavy in advice, information and skill transfer so they  last one hour to make sure tired minds can be focussed for the entirety of  the parental support. 

  • Introductory call (30 min) Free

    This is an opportunity for you to describe your family setting, difficulties and expectations, and for Isabelle to gather information, explain how she works, and the way private consultations are organised.

  • Day home consultation (1h)
    Day home consultation (1h) £50 + travelling fees

    Day time consultations are usually held in the morning.

  • Evening Home consultation (1h)
    Evening Home consultation (1h) £70 + travelling fees

    Evening consultations are held on Wednesdays.

isabelle@goodsleepers.co.uk  / +447888204374

Important notification : After more than 5 years of unchanged fees, Good Sleepers will review consultation fees in August 2018.

Here are some recurrent themes often covered during Consultations for Newborns and little babies:

What to expect for your baby’s age.

Working out the cause of excessive crying and discussing how to ease the situation.

How to help your baby develop good habits to become a good sleeper.

Review day time sleep and night time sleep.

The importance of naps and how to implement them.

special considerations for  sensitive babies

Day/Night confusion.

Introducing good sleep associations.

Reviewing sleeping arrangements.

Age appropriate practical advice.

+ Any subject of concern.

Here are some recurrent themes often covered during Consultations for active older babies

What to expect for your baby’s age.

Good practices and Pitfalls for babies on the move

The difference between new born sleep and REM sleep.

What to do and how to behave to encourage your baby to sleep through the night.

How to encourage good behaviour with positive reinforcement.

Identifying separation anxieties

day sleep structure

How to build adequate soft behavioural boundaries to help your baby become a consistent and predictable sleeper.

Review of sleeping arrangements.

Practical advice and training.

+ Any subject of concern.

Toddlers and preschoolers are my favourite clients! My consultations take a different direction. During the first consultation, it is important that I  see the parents/child interactions to work out specifically what kind of support is needed. At that age, night time behaviours and daytime behaviours can no longer be dissociated. I take a holistic approach and analyse the whole situation. During the second consultation, I advice on daytime exercises to support the toddler’s transition to a better night time. I work with the parents to  develop implementation strategies to achieve their goals through key stepping stones.

The first consultation is held with the parents alone during day time. Depending on the nature of the issue(s), the second consultation is held with or without the child present. There is a wide range of factors to be taken into considerations when helping school children. My work with school children is closely supervised by a BACP child and adolescent psychotherapeutic counsellor..

Modern context

Information on parenting today has never been so abundant and conflicting. It breeds fear and doubt amongst parents who find themselves in a position of despair and confusion. More often than not, those parenting difficulties tie in with sleep issues. They feed a vicious circle that leads children and parents to sleep deprivation