Preventative work

Discover the power of prevention and how Janet and Baz avoided crisis situations related to infant sleep.

Corrective work

Discover the impact of sleep deprivation on Natalie and Ross and how their family benefited from corrective consultations.

A few words from clients

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Isabelle has a way of changing people’s mindsets into one of positivity. She uses her creativity to come up with trouble shooting strategies, instilling confidence in others. Throughout, it has been a joy to work with Isabelle, she is so thoughtful, personable, professional and she really knows her stuff.

Jessica, CEO Huckleberry labs (LinkedIn)

Our 11wks old son would only sleep 40 minutes at a time day and night, and  on one of us (parents). None of us were getting much sleep and it was having a significant detrimental impact. For me it affected my mental health and my ability to function at even a basic level. I was not leaving the house and had become anxious about the idea of ever being able to, let alone return to work. My husband was getting up at 4am to help, then doing full days at work afterwards, all the time worrying about how my son and I were getting on at home. This meant that he struggled to concentrate at work and didn’t feel that he was performing well due to the sleep deprivation and stress. We felt we were at breaking point. 

within just a few weeks of working with Isabelle, our son was sleeping on his own, day and night, and sleeping for periods of 3, 4 or 5 hours at night. I am less emotional, more in control and significantly happier. This has been so helpful and I feel I’ve build up the confidence that I need in order to return to work in the next couple of months.

Claire, Occupational therapist, NHS

As the Managing Director of a small but very busy company, I knew that there wouldn’t be an option to take full maternity leave. We decided to take preventative action rather than wait for a crisis and contacted Isabelle. She was able to give advice on sleep best practices while I was pregnant. We felt prepared and confident for the challenges ahead

Melody, MD Live the city (LinkedIn)

We were used to a chaotic life and it’s only with hindsight that we have realised what we were missing out on! Work is so much easier with a good night’s rest, and I find the little things that were stressing me out away from home are far more manage now

James, Project Manager – BAE Systems (LinkedIn)

Leaving my wife to manage with difficult daytimes by herself whilst I worked was upsetting and heart breaking at times of crises. I feel both work and home have benefited from the calming effect that our well rested children has on our family.

Paul, Mechanical Engineer

I never felt judged. In our meetings, Isabelle acted professionally and showed her deep understanding of babies and children sleep, but she was also extremely supportive and reassuring. She gave us advice that made sense, felt right and were back up by extensive research.

Becky, Science Teacher

Both of us are doctors and we simply couldn’t fathom what the problem might be. Isabelle’s advice and explanations made absolute sense and were clearly tailored to our parenting styles and baby’s sleep needs. I cannot recommend Isabelle strongly enough, and only whish I had met her sooner.

Clare, Doctor

The second time (child), we were not to make the same mistakes again so we called Isabelle back when I was 8 months pregnant […] Putting yourself in a position where you have knowledge and access to the kind of expertise Isabelle has is worth it’s weight in gold.

Janet, Solicitor