Paediatric Sleep talks

If a child doesn’t sleep, the parents suffers in proportion. Paediatric sleep talks are for parents who wish to improve their children sleep, to improve their own. Each talk targets a specific age range or situation to ensure that delegates leave with an in-depth understanding of the key elements to concentrate on to support their children’s sleep and behaviour.  These talks are warmly welcomed by new and experienced parents and show a great deal of care and support from employers. Talks include a Q&A time at the end.

What about the adults?

Isabelle Edmondson also provides talks focussed on the understanding , management and improvement of adult sleep. Presentations are tailored to each audience. The content depend on the company's specific requirements.
Adult Sleep talks

What are the enemies and allies of a restorative sleep for adults? How does one reduce  insomnia? What are the effects of sleeping pills? How can a body-clock be respected and strengthened? what exercise induces a good night sleep?  Adults have so many question about their own sleep! Talks are an efficient way to deliver knowledge and practical advice to a group of employees. They can be delivered as part of a themed event day, or as a standalone informative session 

Popular subjects covered in adult sleep talks:
  • The effects of sleep deprivation on mental, social and physical abilities
  • Detecting sleep deprivation
  • Sleep mechanics and architecture: knowledge is power
  • How to respect and consolidate individual body clocks
  • Enemies of healthy sleeping habits
  • Allies of a restorative sleep
  • Nutrition to promote good quality sleep
  • Exercise to promote good quality sleep
  •  Jet lags and shift work
  • Breathing disorders and self assessment
  • Sleeping pills Vs Alternative medicine to support your sleep
  • Insomnias (understanding,  preventing and reducing)
  •  Recommendations on  additional support (gadgets, books, etc)
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