Workshops are interactive sessions delivered on companies' premisses for the benefit of their employees. Each workshop focusses on a specific context so participants leave with an in-depth understanding of their child behaviour and how to improve it. Neighbouring companies are welcome to team up their workforce for the occasion.
I attended a Sleep for Babies workshop and would heartily recommend it. I received tailored and caring advice that fits with my parenting desires (attached, respectful), and that I feel confident to follow. I also found it genuinely interesting - I'm fascinated by child physical and brain development, evolution, behaviours and all that stuff.
Angela L
Principal Engineer
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What are workshops?

Good Sleepers workshops are co-produced by Paediatric sleep consultant and knowledge transfer specialist Isabelle Edmondson and child and adolescent psychotherapeutic councillor Rachel Potter. Workshops are  excellent platforms for parents who wish to gain knowledge and confidence related to a specific age group or a family context issue. Each workshop is designed to provide practical solutions to parents and carers who already experience difficulties or wish to avoid them. The workshops are dynamic and their contents have been designed for a tired crowd. They are delivered by Isabelle  Edmondson who adapts to individuals’ different learning types. Participants are encouraged to participate to reinforce their learning process, but can decide to remain observant. There is only one request from the host: All participants are asked to be respectful of one another’s parenting views and cultural believes.