My wife and I were a little bit sceptical when a friend recommended a sleep consultant. I wondered why he couldn't just tell me what Isabelle had told him. But that wouldn't work! What Isabelle provides is a bespoke, data-driven, holistic, and personalised service that's a mixture fascinating science and illuminating psychology. It's not just about the night's sleep (that we're happy to report is great now!) but an approach to parenting that looks at the whole picture. .../... would say Isabelle's a miracle worker, but what she does it not a miracle. It's really the result of hard work, intelligence, sleep science and psychology. And we'd really recommend her services to everybody!

San Sharma, Creative Director, London

We sought help from Isabelle when our 2nd daughter was 7 months old and waking almost hourly throughout the night, despite us having tried co-sleeping, controlled crying etc. Isabelle's approach was kind, knowledgeable, holistic and flexible. We now have a 10 month old who is able to sleep in her cot for around 12 hours. The difference this has made to our days is unmeasurable, allowing me to enjoy maternity leave with the children and dogs, rather than the pre-Isabelle months of severe sleep-deprivation. Isabelle also helped us with our 3 year old's sleep and sent her the loveliest little *Well Done* card. Thank you, Isabelle!

Dr Taryn Treger, Cambridge

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Isabelle, she truly took an interest in us as a couple and our baby to understand how to help us. I didn’t think the day would come where I could say, ‘my baby sleeps through the night!’ but Isabelle made that dream a reality. Isabelle’s knowledge, patience and kind nature helped us help our daughter. Thank you Isabelle 🙂

Chaand Shah, Director London

Our 11wks old son would only sleep 40 minutes at a time day and night, and on one of us (parents).../... For me, it affected my mental health and my ability to function at even a basic level. I was not leaving the house and had become anxious about the idea of ever being able to, let alone return to work. within just a few weeks of working with Isabelle, our son was sleeping on his own, day and night, and sleeping for periods of 3, 4 or 5 hours at night .../...I've build up the confidence that I need in order to return to work in the next couple of months.

Claire, occupational therapist, NHS

I was expecting a strict rulebook and some painful tears but what I got instead was a deep dive in to my own childhood, a compassionate exploration of my parenting style and a soft light shone on areas to address .../... It is no overestimation to say Isabelle transformed not only our night time but me as a mother. She’s the non-judgemental guidance that we all need.

Jessie Kazak, Cambridge

Isabelle is an in-demand sleep consultant with over 5* years of experience bringing rest and joy to hundreds of parents across different cultures. She has an uncanny ability to actively listen and find creative solutions to sleep issues that work with people's strengths. The guidance that comes from Huckleberry is very much an extension of Isabelle. (*8 now)

Jessica Toh, CEO, Huckleberry labs, USA

Our three kids (aged 2, 3 and 4) had been sleeping badly for months. It was a 2 hour fight every evening .../... They were waking up multiple times each night, on a few occasions 10 times a night .../... Now we can get all of them into bed with minimal fuss and they're usually asleep within 15 minutes .../... Isabelle was non-judgemental, came up with a plan that would work for us and our situation, and helped us put it into practise.

Jonathan Hickford, Web development team leader, Cambridge

Dear fellow (tired) parents, Within very few sessions Isabelle has completely turned our family's life around. Having a 3.5 year-old and a 1.5 year-old became increasingly difficult on us parents .../... Your situation and needs might be completely different from our family's, but I am certain that Isabelle will have the right methods up her sleeve to also help you.

Eva Tarabichi, Coach for international professionals

I'm so grateful to Isabelle and would recommend her to everyone and anyone! Sleep problem or not! .../... I believe I've become a more confident and calm parent, not only in regards to sleeping but in all other areas. Isabelle is an excellent guide and teacher.

Natasha Summerfield, Vet nurse

Isabelle has been a lifesaver for our family. Our son was waking up to six times a night and unable to sleep for more than 30 mins during his day naps unless pushed in a buggy. With Isabelle's support, he is now nailing day time naps and for the first time since starting maternity leave, I have time to catch my breath in the day. He is now waking only once at night for a feed so everyone is feeling rested and so much happier. Couldn't recommend working with Isabelle more. "You really have been a hero for us xx"

Katherine Bednarczyk, senior business marketing manager, London

I contacted Isabelle Edmondson as my son (22 months) needed help to get to sleep and back to sleep in the night. It was exhausting .../... We live in an oriental society where many protagonists play an important role in the life of a child. This setting is different from the typical ones of western societies. Isabelle managed to work with this added difficulty which really isn’t simple at all .../... My son finally sleeps all night. I advise parents who are at a loss to get help from Isabelle.

Yasmina Bouchema, Clinical Psychologist, Beirut

Our 2 years old Maddie was breast feeding all the time, night and day. It was making my and my husband's lives a misery. I was feeling very out of control. .../... Now, my friends and family noticed a huge difference in myself and in Maddie. Now she sleeps for 11h in her own bedroom and I couldn’t be prouder. I would recommend Isabelle to everyone who struggles with parenting issues.

Natalie Owen, Therapist, Bedfordshire

It is not until you have a better understanding of how things can be improved that the benefits can be appreciated. It's a no-brainer! I really couldn't see the wood from the trees. Isabelle has a wealth of skills and knowledge which really opened my eyes and helped me to understand how I could help my son. My only regret is not having sought her advice earlier.

Dr Alanah Ryan, Cambridge

We were up sometimes seven to eight times a night. .../... By the time we finished our three sessions with Isabelle, our 10 months old daughter was sleeping twelve hours a night without waking up once. I would strongly recommend Isabelle's highly personalised and friendly approach to anyone who wants to help their children to get a good night's sleep.

Dr Conor Farrington, Cambridge

We contacted Isabelle after 2 months of worsening sleep at night for our little boy. We had tried to work on day naps and had taken lots of advice from friends/family/books. We were both exhausted.../... Now we have a little boy who we put down into the cot awake, we leave the room and he will fall asleep without assistance in around 10 mins. We are different people and cannot recommend Isabelle's help highly enough.

Sam and Sarah Duncan, London
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