Supporting families and businesses to overcome the challenge of Sleep deprivation

Well rested parents can access higher brain functions and work with greater efficiency than their tired counterpart.



                "Tiredness costs the British economy an average of £2,120 per employee annually. To navigate through economic uncertainties, businesses need clear minded young professionals to lead the way. Isabelle offers innovative and ideal corporate support to enhance the efficiency of personnel with young families, minimising the economic burden related to parental disruption."   Marco Hafner, Research Leader, RAND Europe, author of : Why sleep matters: The economic costs of insufficient sleep
69% of teenage depressions are preceeded by sleep problems (Harvard Health Publications)
85% of parents who received corrective support from Good Sleepers wished they had had access to preventative support to avoid problems escalating to crisis.
70% of us feel like we get less sleep than we need to be at are best. (British Sleep Council)

Services to companies

to enhance the efficiency of working parents


A clear and alert mind enhances every skill, every talent, every mood, in every department at every hierarchy level

Enhanced Workforce and productivity
Help your workforce thrive with confidence, heightened productivity, happy moods and all the attributes associated with restfulness and peace of mind. Worried and tired parents can only provide a fraction of their full potential.
Recruiting and Retaining staff
A truly personal and meaningful benefit such as parenting support appeals to candidates who wish to have a family without compromising their career. It also helps employees regain efficiency and confidence faster after a parental leave.
Proof of corporate Responsibility
Easily traceable, my services can prove to your clients and partners, your corporate responsibility and commitment to providing support and care for your workforce wellbeing and participating to the safe guarding and healthy development of future generations.

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Isabelle Edmondson
Isabelle Edmondson

paediatric sleep consultant

Founder of Good Sleepers