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"To navigate through economic uncertainties, businesses need clear minded professionals to lead the way. Isabelle offers innovative and ideal corporate support to enhance the efficiency of personnel with young families, minimising the economic burden related to parental disruption." Marco Hafner, author of "Why sleep matters: quantifying the economic costs of insufficient sleep"
"I believe every business has much to gain from a well rested workforce. Sleep deprivation related to parenting is on the rise and affects parents in every department, at every level of hierarchy and in every industry. The good news is: with an injection of knowledge and confidence, Most crisis can be prevented"
Isabelle Edmondson
Behaviourist, Founder of Good Sleepers

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A guide to safeguarding working parents' sleep

1. Understand

Understand how children's lack of sleep impacts the lives of their parents both at home and at work. Understand what happens when sleep is restored.

2. Get curious

Read about the far reaching knock on effects that the restitution of decent sleep has on professionals' mental health, efficiency and engagement.

3. Identify your needs

The first step in supporting your workforce is to identity their needs, and understand what kind of support they would benefit from the most.

4. Get more sleep

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I highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who struggles with sleep problems. There are few other things I can think of that have improved my health by so much and so quickly. Within a week I was sleeping normally. I found Isabelle’s explanation about the technicalities of sleep really helpful and I had never understood this before. I felt Isabelle’s advice covered a lot of different areas: the science part of sleep, psychology and relaxation techniques.

Sarah*, 43 , Cambridge - *Client requested anonymity