Sleep is to the mind what food is to the body

You have found help for your baby, child, or teenager.

Sleep for your child is a gift for your whole family. If you are a parent in need of support, I invite you get in touch, which does not engage you in any way. Let me know your child’s age and  we can take if from there.  Isabelle

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When a child’s needs are respected, and the parents are confident and knowledgeable, the rest falls into place. Each family is unique, with different dynamics and needs. The physical, emotional and socio-cognitive development of you child, your personalities and beliefs are just a few of the criteria that will influence my advice to support your family. There is a myriad of elements that influence a child sleep and I need to have a clear understanding of the whole situation to advice you in the best possible way. When troubleshooting crisis situations,  I use a holistic approach to make sure the parenting plans put in place are sustainable and durable. For a better result, I prefer to work on an implementation plan with both parents whenever possible. At the heart of my philosophy is respect, towards both parents and children.