Sleep is to the mind what food is to the body

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On this page you can read about Isabelle Edmondson’s story and her views on children sleep. If you prefer to go straight to a price list or the highlights of what to expect when working with Isabelle, please access the links below.

My name is Isabelle Edmondson. I am 46 years old, French, and have been living in England for 25 years. I am the proud mother of 3 incredibly different children: Eloise is 18, Luca is 13 and Amandine is 10. My priority number one in life is to help them grow into secure, happy, loving and responsible beings.  Throughout my childhood, I travelled a lot . I got to discover, adapt to and respect a variety of cultures. I now have three children, aged 17, 12 and 9. We live in Cambridge, UK but I support parents all-over the world, thanks to Zoom meetings.  I started helping parents with the sleep of their children 19 years ago and made it my profession in 2011. Beforehand, I was an Engineer. Throughout my professional life I have engaged in skill transfer and troubleshooting difficult situations. Here is my outlook on supporting parents and children:

When a child’s needs are respected, and the parents are confident and knowledgeable, the rest falls into place. Each family is unique, with different dynamics and needs. The physical, emotional and socio-cognitive development of your child, your personalities and beliefs are just a few of the criteria that will influence my advice to support your family. I do not focus on or advocate one specific technique. What fits one child might not fit another. There is a myriad of elements that influence a child sleep and I need to have a clear understanding of the whole situation to advice you in the best possible way. When troubleshooting crisis situations,  I use a holistic approach to make sure the parenting plans put in place are sustainable and durable. For a better result, I prefer to work on an implementation plan with both parents whenever possible. At the heart of my philosophy is respect, towards both parents and children.

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