Child development, skill transfer and parenting are my

Isabelle Edmondson, founder of Good Sleepers

years helping children sleep
11 s
of lives transformed, in
different countries
  • To help adults achieve highly functional lives where having children does not compromise their careers
  • To help future generations develop their own healthy lifestyle
  • To support equality and diversity in the workplace, in order to close the gender gap

Ending sleep deprivation.

Why focus on children sleep?

Parental satisfaction is powerful. Well rested parents are motivated. They can access higher brain functions and work with greater efficiency than their tired counterpart whose body are flooded with cortisol due to sleep deficiency.  All parents experience set backs from their children’s development. It is how those set backs are dealt with that makes a difference. I can help make a difference.

My strengths are my training skills, my trouble shooting mindset, my creative disposition and my passion for child development. By  combining them, I help parents to build their confidence and knowledge which in turn lead to positive parental achievements.

Babies, older children and adolescents can all be affected by sleep problems albeit in different ways. The risks associated with sleep deprivation are higher than might first be appreciated.They are high for the parents who find themselves unable to function well in all aspects of their lives (physical, practical, emotional, social and intellectual). Whether it is at home or at work, there is no hiding from the debilitating effects of sleep deficiency. The risk for children is to see common childhood sleep issues gradually morph into more persistent sleep disruptions, eventually leading to chronic sleep disorders in adult life. Tiredness has a huge impact on the economy. It is a hidden
but growing concern that can lead a well meaning person to a burnout with devastating effects. I whole heartedly recommend preventative practices. They are preferable to managing or trying to correct stressful situations.